Monday, December 17, 2007

She's crafty

Remember that old Beastie Boys song "She's crafty"? Well, that's me. I'm crafty.

The girls and I made the Christmas collage yesterday. They were looking for something to do so we took the pile of Christmas cards and wrapping paper and started cutting and gluing. Today I put the ball fringe on and made a hanger for it. Won't they be surprised when they see their handiwork hanging in the kitchen?

These are the pieces for a quilt block that I'm making. I have wanted a red and aqua wall hanging for awhile now. This will be my sitting-in-the-car-waiting-to-pick-up-the-girls-from-school project.

Also this morning I made the binding for my round robin quilt that I just had quilted. I will share photos once I finish the binding.

Finally, a coat of red paint makes this yard sale spice rack perfect for my kitchen. I don't have much use for it right now but after a minor renovation come springtime it will come in handy for sure.



Julie said...

Ooooh ideas! I cut out the previous year's Christmas cards and my boys use the pieces to make their own cards. I'm going to set them up to make a collage this year. Thanks for the great idea.

Julie said...

Dana, I don't know how to knit either, lol. Love to learn but can't take on any new projects right now. I'm hoping it is something I can do at kid activities when I no longer have a little one to chase after.

Euphoria said...

Sweet collage! What fun!

Anonymous said...

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