Monday, January 7, 2008

Cute? Or, not so cute?

Lately, this young opossum has been around. We've seen him several times. He must have a very mellow, gentle energy about him because he is hanging out at a place that has THREE outdoor cats and a dog! My cats hunt for and drag home every sort of imaginable creature so this opossum must be special.

He is a young one. Not as big as some that we have stumbled across in the barn. And, I say stumbled across very literally. Seriously, nearly tripped over. Big suckers that make the weirdest, blood curdling noise when startled. Eeek! And they are so blasted ugly. Wait . . . or are they?

I think it is the long rat-like tail that makes them a little on the left side of cute to me.

But, this little guy (or gal? I'm not gonna examine it to see!) is tipping the scale just a bit.



capello said...

cute when they are in the yard not causing any trouble.

NOT SO CUTE when you find their dead carcus under the delapidated greenhouse.

The Fabric Bolt said...

You should "rescue" him! My vet works with opposum rescue locally and they supposedly make wonderful house pets.

Mom said...

Some kind of UGLY . . it's the tail

Jeff said...

im casting my vote to the left. it probably has rabies, which makes it superCUTE!

Julie said...

I think it's cute, unless opossums cause trouble. Do they cause trouble?

Sandy said...

Strange that it's out in the day. They are usually nocturnal. I've always wished we could see them in the day. At night when light hits their eyes they light up. Very eerie. They are a nuisance around here, eating my biddies.