Sunday, January 6, 2008

Say what?

I went to get doughnuts for breakfast. When I came home and put them out to eat Boo exclaimed, "Doughnut balls! I love doughnut balls!"

This is hilariously disturbing on several levels to me. Doughnut balls? Every kid in America knows they are properly called doughnut holes. Doughnut holes! I'm pretty sure that to pass the US citizenship test you have to know that they are called doughnut holes.

Anyhow, after we stopped laughing we sat quietly and enjoyed our chocolate long johns, bear claws, powdered jelly doughnuts and our doughnut balls.

Then later I was snuggling with Licious and said that I just hated that she was growing into such a big girl. I then joked with her about my plans to keep her from growing anymore. My best plan involved putting a cinder block on her head. Well, she promptly ran to tell Daddy of my scheme but in her translation of it she said:

"Daddy! Mommy doesn't want me to grow up so she is going to put a cylinder brick on my head for the rest of my life. I'll have to walk around like a duck forever!"


I might have to give that cylinder brick thing a shot.



Christy said...

Mmmmmm.....doughnuts. I wish someone would run out and get some for me! What a good Mom you are. :)
My kiddo's stuck with cold cereal for breakfast.

Jeff said...

quack quack