Tuesday, February 19, 2008

And, so it begins

I'm horrible at before-and-after pictures. I should have had the camera out taking before shots long before I did on Saturday.

In the above picture many things have already been moved, changed, destroyed or altered from how we have used them since moving into this house 4 years ago. Let's see if I can name them:

1) The cabinet door on the upper cabinet that you see on the upper right-ish has already been removed.

2) The large open space to the right of the dishwasher was previously a closed and useless space. It had been covered with bead board. Why? Probably because it was inaccessible anyway with the stove pushed within 12 inches of it. But, we are opening it up and putting cabinets there since the stove is sliding down under where that current upper cabinet is.

3) We had an antique enamel topped table as a center island of sorts. Already out. Sorry. See, I told you I suck at before-and-after shots.

Gotta love the wonky ceiling shot. Mainly taken just to illustrate just how exactly my kitchen is floor-to-ceiling old, orangey, pine. Pine ceiling. Pine walls. Pine floors. Hard wood cabinets . . . hence why we are saving as many as we can.

The above shot was taken as if I was standing with my back to the kitchen sink looking at the remainder of the kitchen.

And, of course my little lovelies. ::sigh:: Razor desperately needed help. He needed help to measure and other important stuff. That is why he brought in some scrap lumber and had the girls practice hammering and screwing a bazillion different times. Such good helpers.

Ah-ha. So now you see what the weekend's project was. Moving the stove to the new location and installing an over the range microwave. Technology has come a long way since this house was built in the early 1950s.

Now I know what your thinking. But, don't worry. All that icky black dried-up adhesive behind the stove and along the wall will be covered with new backsplash that will go behind all of the counters. Yep, new cabinets will be installed there to the left of the stove. All new countertops and backsplash throughout. New light fixtures. Oh, and that incredibly ugly window that you see there will be replaced with a larger window to match the others above the sink. Um, what else. Paint!! Lots and lots of paint. The ceiling will be painted. All of the walls will be painted. And, the cabinets will be painted.

I love my house. And, will love it even more when this remodel is complete.



capello said...

you know, good paint goes a long, long way for awesomeness.

it's gonna look great!

The Fabric Bolt said...

Love your table and chair set!

Kris said...

What color are you going to paint the kitchen? I can't wait to see it!

I AM VERY MARY said...

I don't even want to remember how much paint I used when remodeling my 1923 house. Man, just thinking about it brings the paint fume headache right back into my brain. gack.

PS - Love the new banner!

Julie said...

I love the knotty pine but I would paint it too. Can't wait to see it all finished.

Jeff said...

i wish i be there to help razor, it looks like fun, and demo is my speciality. well maybe not speciality, but who doesnt love tearing stuff up and out with hammers, pry-bars, and if yer lucky, sledge hammers and jack hammers!!!

i love the new header too. especially the letter A. very cool.

Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

i mean the letter R.