Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mainly for my staunchingly republican father

Before you hit the play button, go to my music player over on the left and pause it.


P.S. I'm nearing my 200th post. Oughta get there next week. I'm planning a give-away. A give-away of something that I worked really, really hard on. A give-away of something that I really, really love. I'm hoping blogland loves it as much as I do.


bs honey said...

Hey, Dana. I just found your blog post last night, from somewhere. I'm enjoying it and plan to dig alittle deeper.
And, I must say, those cinnamon rolls, well, I've got to see if I can run to the grocery store.
Oh, and yes we can.

Katie said...

this is one of my favorite. Go Obama!