Thursday, July 17, 2008

Check out these early video entries for the quilt giveaway!

If you're here to enter for a chance to win the quilt, welcome and never fear. You just need to sit still and watch these four videos and then scroll to the next post to enter for your chance to win this.

But you just gotta watch these!!!

First up is Regina from The Queen Bee's Buzz.

And can Ella be any cuter? Go check out The Powell Pow Wow blog.

Next up are these Australian cuties from The Purple Giraffe. Thanks for playing Tanya!

And, finally I just want to snuggle up with this cutie! This comes from The Page Family. Made us giggle for sure.

I hope that many of you are charging the batteries on your video cameras as I type.


Again, don't freak out. Now, just scroll down to the next post and leave your comment to win the quilt. NOT here. Cause if you post here thinking that your entering the drawing you are out of luck. You gotta post there.