Friday, July 18, 2008

More video entries!

(**** If you're here to enter the giveaway for the coolest quilt ever you must first watch these videos. Then go here to leave your comment to enter. *****)

Yep. I was totally right. When I was dreaming up this contest I thought that having video submissions would be rip-roaring fun and I was sooo totally right. I find myself going to YouTube several times a day and typing "Old Red Barn Co. Giveaway" in the search bar just to see if any new videos have popped up. Imagine my delight when I woke up this morning to find these lovelies. . .

This is Dave and he is trying so hard to win this for his wife Rebekah. Good luck dude! You definitely made Razor and I laugh.

Then we have these blond headed Aussies again although this time they are entering for The Purple Giraffe's sister. Hmmmm. If one of those gals wins I sense a family feud in the makings.

Next are Karin's sweet kids. Adorable kids and a totally worthy cause. You should check out her blog because she sounds like an amazing woman. I'm sure her husband is no slouch either.

Another cute baby but I don't know who sent it so if it's you please email me at so I can properly attribute it.

And, finally Trish really worked it to get a laugh and she succeeded. Way to go girl!

Good luck you savvy home producers you!!!