Monday, July 21, 2008

I love YouTube & your newest video entries!

First let me say, if you're ONLY here to enter for a chance to win my killer quilt, I totally understand! You have to go HERE to leave a comment and earn your chance to win. While your here though watch these. All of these crazy cats earned 50 extra chances in the contest.

This video from Jenn made Razor, Boo and Licious roll on the floor laughing. I tried hard not to laugh since she had emailed me saying that she was appalled by herself . . . so I was trying to be grown up and mature and appalled like she was. I ended up on the floor laughing too. Hey, I tried.

Next up is this rocker that is hoping to win the quilt for his mom Nancy. He's good but the line at the end made me giggle for sure!

This poor kid needs a new quilt! Jennifer if you win I'll be glad. If you don't, please for the love of it all, buy your child a new blanket. :)

Now this next one is an entry from Dave who is a guide dog for the color blind. I never in a million years would have dreamed that a dog would enter the contest to win my quilt! ::Blink:: ::Blink:: Dude.

And, the last one for this installment is this baby in need of a new quilt. (If this is yours, please email me at so that I can link to you here and appropriately attribute this masterpiece to you!)

Have I missed anyone? If so, it must be because you haven't titled it "Old Red Barn Co. Giveaway". If I've missed your video please rename it at YouTube and then email me at to let me know I've totally dissed you. And, please know any and all dissing on my part is accidental. This quilt contest may make me feel like a rock star but I am still the same ole Dana who would never intentionally try to hurt your feelings. Really. Honest. Well, unless you give the quilt to your Uncle Bubba to use in the cow barn. Then I might try to hurt your feelings.