Sunday, July 20, 2008

Even more video entries! Sheesh!

(**** If you're here to enter the giveaway for the coolest quilt ever you must first watch these videos. Then go here to leave your comment to enter. *****)

There are more video submissions for my quilt giveaway contest! Remember that the contest winner will be selected by random draw on Wednesday, July 23rd and that the video entries earn you 50 extra chances at winning.

First up is Island School House out of Idaho and they are killing me over here. Between her and Karin I'm feeling kinda bad that the contest will be random draw and not based on merit. Because if it was merit based Love Without Boundaries would surely be the winner!

Next up is Journal of a Couple of Newbees with this submission.

Next up is Morgan with this entry. Very Blair Witch Project-y if you ask me! I especially like the disclaimer at the end.

This one from Susan is cute and I bet the star of the clip will be an actress or comedian someday!

Stacey submitted this video of her adorable dog Roscoe. Hey Stacey, can Roscoe come live at my house??

Finally, Angie is a mom making a plea for a little something pink in her male dominated household.

On a totally unrelated note, do you remember me talking about Sven? Sven is an indispensable handy man. A real go-to guy. My man-this-guy-knows-everything-about-everything fella. And by "my" I mean M.I.N.E. But since so many people wondered where they could get their own Sven (and because I told him this and his head got all inflated and his wife rolled her eyes and all), he has agreed to do a weekly segment here where he will answer you household, automobile, computer, etc. questions. I think I'll introduce him tomorrow . . . and lead him out and parade him around like a pretty show pony. I think that you'll like him.