Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Under the wire video submissions

These two videos came in late last night. I loved checking YouTube this morning to find them there.

The first is from Alain and Julianna and features the Karate Ninjas. I love the not-so-off camera direction.

And every good video should have a princess. At least that is the case in our house with two daughters. Christie submitted this featuring her little princess. I love movies with subtitles.

I'm hoping to have the winner figured out by noon today. But, with our power having been out for 24 hours I have alot of little slips of paper to make and fold and throw into the big pile of entries. I had kept up on it pretty well till then so it should go fairly quickly. I hope.



Mrs. V said...

Dana, please tell me you have some computerized system to pick a name and not 3000 pieces of paper in a bowl...trough.
I love Christie, the princess, those were wonderful lyrics, I wonder how the story unfolded after the crocodile came into the picture.

Patty said...

I love that old jar. I say make a drawing for it too. The quilt is beautiful so I can't decide which I like best. Hey how about iny miny miny mo and then you stop on me. lol GB, Patty