Monday, November 17, 2008

Some GREAT video entries!

Here to enter the quilt giveaway? I'm giving away three to three different winners. Go HERE to enter. But you only have until 7pm US EST.

Mommymae made this video. And lyrics. And guitar playing. And, I'm pretty sure she made that baby too. Busy lady!

Wendyvee is the mastermind behind this one.

Karen made this one (with alot of help from Dave -- guide dog for the color blind).

Erin pleas for the quilt in this video.

Krissy was resourceful!

JaneyJoop may have a future in film . . .or at least give Hanna Montana a run for her money!

Man, I wanna be Crystal!

I wonder how Sharee knew this was one of my favorite songs of all time.

Kimberly and her dog really do need a new quilt. Good luck!

Being a mom of a baby is tough work but Heather seems to be handling Evander just fine.

Finally, being a cat lover I really like how these cats can so easily communicate with their owner. I wish mine would shake their heads yes or no.

The contest will end tonight at 7:00pm US EST. But I won't be home. And, it won't be until tomorrow that I post the winners. I want to ship these quilts to their new homes by Wednesday. So I can stop staring at them. So I can stop scheming ways to keep them. . . so . . . so . . .so I can end my state of abject forlornness over having to part with them.


Carry on People!



Terri said...

Great entries - good luck to everyone!


Kelly O. said...

oh dana! I do feel badly that you have to part with these quilts but I hope I'm one of the lucky winners!

(I believe I have already entered by the way so this comment is not to gain another in--it's simply an "I feel bad for you" comment :)

Mrs. V said...

Those videos are awesome, it's a good thing you aren't choosing by merit because mine stinks. I tried to send you a link not the computer Gods are against me. I named my video "Old Red Barn Company", I hope you find it and put me in for 50 more chances.....yeah!!!!

Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique said...

How stinkin' cute is that baby!!!

Hey Girl I've been trying to e-mail you but they keep coming back to me. Send me a message when you get a chance I'd love to get a peppermint set! I'm working on your surprise tonight!

Mrs. V said...

Yeah, Dana, I think your e-mail is stinkin FULL....duh, I wonder why. I sent you an e-mail from 4 different sources and they came back with some strange gibberish about my e-mail to was rejected by the recipient domain. Get back home and fix it!
I love your always reaches deep inside me and brings out feelings of true happiness.

Susan said...

I can't wait to see who wins! Good luck to all . . . and what marvelous talent out there!