Monday, November 16, 2009

How To Make a Quilt

Below are links to each step in the process of making a quilt.  This particular quilt is a Rail Fence type quilt and here you will find every step in the process.

Supplies You Will Need

Cutting Instructions

Sewing Your Blocks

Assembling Your Quilt Top

How To Free Motion Quilt

Binding Your Quilt

Join our continuing quilting saga at Flickr here!

Thanks for always playing.


Deb Robertson Writes said...

Lucky winner!

Jenny said...

congratulations lindsey!! im green with envy :)

dolores said...

What? You didn't pull my number out of the hat...I want a redo!;)

Lindsey....have fun with those lovely, lovely fabrics!:)

Lindsey F. said...

What a surprise and a treat! Can't wait to see the fabrics up close. This will really inspire me to start the string quilt...probably after the new year as I have several WIPs that I must finish for holiday gifts. Thanks, Dana!!

Simply Sara said...

Congrats to Lindsey!

Thanks for all the links to your quilting tutorial. I'm bookmaking this page and will return once I muster up enough courage to start my quilt!

Love your site and am continually inspired by you!

Jo said...

Oh this link is great, I am just about to make the quilt, so it will save me time looking for the exact page, Thanks so much Jo

Kirbell said...

Congrats to the winner. I just wanted to say I always love your choice of songs on your playlist. I just find your blog and listen to some great songs to get me through cleaning my house!

NaturallyComfy said...

Glad to have the links for the quilt. I just found your quilt along posts yesterday and I want to try it.

gayle said...

Hello I was wondering if anyone knew what the back of the quilt material was for the quilt that is made of Paula Prass fabic?