Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Savoring the last flavors of summer.

And trying to get back into the kids-in-school-get-everything-done-during-the-day rhythm.

Oh.  And canning jalapeno peppers until it makes me cough and my fingers burn.

And you?



Katy said...

Today has been making hexies, playful kittens, and now off to class!

Hope you have a great day!


wishes, true and kind said...

The end of summer is so bittersweet.

Renna said...

Merely trying to get over summer's gift to me, a cold. Bleh.

I love your pictures. Those tomatoes make me want to dive right in.

April (Polkadot Sparrow) said...

Those tomatoes just about leapt off the screen and into my mouth. :)

I don't have school age kids yet, so I don't get the joys of shopping for school supplies or watching them leave me alone to think for once as they walk into school. Sigh...just a few more years. :)

Amy said...

I'm wishing I had tomatoes in my garden like you! Our garden has not been good this year, I think I will be lucky to get maybe a small bowl of tomatoes before it gets too cold, there are some on the vines, but they are still green.
I did go up to my parent's house yesterday and got a whole bunch of cherry tomatoes that I just ate with cottage cheese for lunch, yum!

I'm trying to get use to being home all day while all my kids are at school all day, I didn't think it would be such an adjustment :)

Leila said...

such gorgeous photo's!

Tracy said...

You might try making jalapeno poppers and freezing them with all of those jalapenos. They are awesome!

Elissa said...

why do i suddenly crave salsa? ;-)

Deb said...

today I'm thinking of what spring veges to put in my garden, watching the potatoes sprout ready for planting, hanging free bunting for spring and wearing my new spring shoes! Can you tell I'm excited winter is over??

sallgood said...


I'm still working on getting things put away from our move... today it's crafty stuff. Yesterday was my quilting stuff. I love order as much as I love making a mess!!

ksrunt said...

Jalapenos make me cough and sneeze too, but my husband loves them, so hack hack, achoo. As always this time of year is about finishing projects for me.

VeeV said...

oh those jalapeƱos look lovely!!!

how are you going to preserve them??



Kim said...

I'm going to try and roast some tomatoes from the estate where I do volunteer work.

Have you tried cutting in mozzarella and fresh basil into the tomatoes, add some balsamic vinegar and olive oil die for :0)

Happy sewing

amylouwho said...

those tomatoes look divine! Have you ever made hot pepper jelly? It's so good!