Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Catch up . . .

So much catching up to do.  I think bullet points might be in order.

  • If you hang with me over on Facebook you know that a week ago Sunday our central A/C died.  The repairman, also a family friend, came out first thing Monday morning (thank you Dean!) and immediately determined what was wrong and ordered the part.
  • The unit specific part is now obsolete.
  • So he ordered a universal part.
  • That wasn't due to be in until the following Friday.
  • Hello 95 degree heat all week long.
  • There was much finger crossing on my behalf that the universal part would indeed work on our system.
  • Fast forward to Thursday of last week.
  • Huge thunderstorm that deluged us with over six inches of rain in about a hours time.
  • Wind, wind and more wind.
  • Said wind knocked down a hefty portion of the old, giant maple tree in our front yard.
  • Said hefty portion of tree landed on the power line.
  • Which ultimately snapped the power pole at the edge of our property line.
  • Deep breath.
  • Soon after this fine discovery of said hefty portion of maple tree, I thought to open the cellar door and peer into the dark, musty cellar.
  • After a flip of the light switch I saw several inches of water across the entire cellar floor.
  • Good times.
  • Razor heads to the cellar with headlamp on board only to quickly discover that the sump pump is clogged due to the mass of mud rushing into the cellar.
  • Good, good times.
  • But lightening zapped our Internet router.
  • And fried the network card on our desktop.
  • No Internet from Thursday night until late yesterday afternoon.
  • Again I might emphasize the good times.
  • But really I should because after the water recovery company came out Friday afternoon and sucked the cellar dry, we headed out on a preplanned camping trip with several other families.
  • And left a key under the mat for the A/C repairman to come in Saturday and fix the system.
  • And camping turned out to be just what the doctor ordered.
  • A perfect end to the school year.
  • A welcome relief from the stresses of home ownership.
  • Forced relaxation.
  • In a chair.
  • Next to the creek.
  • All weekend long.
  • . . .
  • Except during the torrential rain storm Saturday afternoon.
  • Which caused us all to seek shelter in our tents hoping nothing would blow away.
  • With all eight kids in our tent.
  • Which, like the entire weekend, proved to be just what the doctor ordered.


So we are home now.  I'm nearly out from underneath the mountain of laundry.  The A/C is keeping me comfortable.  The insurance adjuster was here yesterday.  As was the Internet/DSL fixer guy.

It's all good.


P.S.  The quilt has not yet sold.  Maybe I've priced it too high.  Or maybe it's meant to be mine . . .  Whatever.  It's all good.


Susan said...

First, let me tell you that I feel for you with all of those terrible things happening, one.right.after.another. Secondly, thank you, thank you for being so wonderful and writing an exceptional blog that cheers me up with your gorgeous pictures and adventures. You are a treasure!!

tara said...

Oh, Dana. That would test the most patient person. I hope that is the end of your drama.

Artichoke Alley said...

Glad all is well again. I think you've priced the quilt just right for all it's gorgeousness and hardwork....just need the right buyer! Again, welcome back; it's always a nice pickup to read your positive outlook on all you life adventures.

epban said...

I hope you have a cool, quiet & uneventful week! Why is it that things like that happen at the same time? Isn't one problem at a time enough???

Trudi said...

At the end of the day, it's all good, for that - thank you :) Artichocke Alley is right about the price of your quilt. Hang in there and the right buyer will be along real soon :) Now, exhale and relax for the rest of the holidays :)

CitricSugar said...

"Troubles come not is single spies, but in battalions." That was war you waged! The good news is that the wheel of fortune always turns and doesn't stay forever in the muck. Enjoy your AC. :-)

Jessica Christensen said...

Those DO sound like good times. Getting away is the perfect solution for that -- glad you could do it. I remember when I was dealing with foundation/warranty issues a couple of years ago, I was glad when I could pack up all the kids and head to Utah to see my family. Left my poor husband to deal with it, but I needed a break. Glad you have A/C again. Everything is easier to deal with if you can cool off, lady. I hope the next little while is less exciting for you. :)

Kim said...

I love that you just picked yourself up and went camping as planned regardless of what is happening at home....(even if you were there what could you have done anyway?) What a great lesson to your girls! And to all of us for that matter. Sh-- happens to everyone and it is the measure of a person as to how they handle it.
You done good Dana. I do hope that is it for you for a long while though.
It does make me wonder how those folks in Joplin handled it all though.....was that in the back of your mind?

Hugs and Happy sewing

Sara said...

Good times, the hubs always says that too.

Crank up that AC lady!!!

beth said...

Oh my! Oh my! somehow you've been able to put a positive spin on some awful days. ;/

DebbyMc said...

Wow =-/ So glad you had the camping planned and were able to go! Something about being in the outdoors puts everything else into perspective. Now: let's hope all the "stuff" is out of the way and summer will flow as it should! Happy Flag Day =-)

Denise said...

What a trying time. Sometimes life can be very "full," can't it? I think you should wait for the right buyer for the quilt at the stated price, or keep it for yourself, or gift it to someone special. I've decided that quilts are my love language. That being said, not a lot of people who don't quilt understand the process of making a quilt and the many, many hours of work and love that go into them. Thankfully, we do it for ourselves as much as for the final recipient, right?

Amy said...

I'm glad things are fixed for you now. Life is crazy sometimes, there always has to be those crazy times to make us realize the good. I know that trials always make me think about what I am grateful for. What a perfectly timed camping trip, to get you away from all that stress.

I don't think you priced your quilt too high, it is beautiful and quilts take alot of time.

Anonymous said...

I don't think your quilt is priced too high at all...it is beautiful and so much time, energy, materials and love go into these items. The right person will come along.

Chris said...

I will never again complain about things going wrong in my life!!
You have handled it all (at least from my perspective) with amazing grace and cool.
It's all good.

Elissa said...

just the fact that after ALL THAT you are nearly out from under the laundry mountain totally makes you my hero!

this is the sort of stuff that happens to ME, dana.
holy dukes. sorry about losing some of your big maple. that's stinky. glad the AC is back on so you're not ;-)

April (Polkadot Sparrow) said...

Good grief! Way to roll with all the disasters. At least, it seemed like you did. Perhaps at the time you didn't feel that way. I find that when things keep getting worse and worse I begin to laugh more and more at the outrageousness of it all.

If it makes you feel any better, our house never has A/C. ;)

But our house also never has water in the basement. THAT, would probably bring me to tears.

bethany said...

mama said there would be **weeks** like this....

I am glad that everything is up and running. And I bet the camping trip was just what the doctor ordered! MAN!!

eva said...

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger???

Unknown said...

yowser! That's a week you hope will never be repeated for anyone! Glad you made it through the other side with your sense of humor in tact :) xo

AnnieO said...

Wow, that was quite a ride! Glad you had somewhere else to be-- relaxing--when it wasn't pouring rain, that is!

Simocha said...

Wow! Peace be still! You've been busy. Glad all is better. Your quilt is beautiful. I don't know quilt pricing because I've never bought one, but if I had $365, I would buy it. Those colors are hot!

Kelly O. said...

oh my. oh MY!!!! you poor thing! glad things are looking up and you were still able to get away :0)

Corinnea said...

I admire the fact that you keep perspective. Having to do some of that myself. Glad things are getting back in order.
Give your quilt some time then reevaluate.

Salem Stitcher said...

Oh yeah...gooood times. It's a good thing you had that camping trip to get you away from all the good times at home.

And the quilt is priced just fine. Give it time. I've got some of mine hanging in a shop downtown and they'll hang FOREVER - not selling - then someone walks in and can't live without one of them. It just takes on person. Give it time...

An Art Nest said...

Your price is great - I like what Salem Stitcher said :)

Unknown said...

hugs! sounds like quite a week!!!

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

My experience is that the mishaps always lead to the best memories. I will never forget driving through Yosemite in the complete dark (our timing was bad and we couldn't afford to spend the night to see during the day), but my husband and I still laugh about it all the time.

I've gotta ask--where are those falls? They're gorgeous! Wishing we had more outdoorsy places in Texas (or at least the weather to enjoy such outdoorsy places).