Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Miles to go

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Robert Frost

Kinda how tomato harvest season feels like.



Terriaw said...

Oh man, how I love that poem! And what a perfect way to describe tomato season. I planted less tomatoes this year because I couldn't handle those miles and miles to go to prep them. Enjoy your crop!

Kar said...

Having all those yummy tomatoes around are the best time of year. Enjoy!!!

kbzelazny said...

I also love that poem. Just remember that in mid-February, you will be wishing for fresh tomatoes!

Leila said...

On Monday we picked enough tomatoes to fill up the kids little red wagon and a wheelbarrow! Absolutely Crazy! I washed and processed all of the ripe ones yesterday and the rest look like they will be ready to process tomorrow or Saturday. Friday is out because we are going to the fair! One must have priorities. :)

So much work but worth it, right? I think? :)

KaHolly said...

I'm feeling that way right about now with blueberry season in full swing. Can't stop picking, no matter how backbreaking (low bush)!

Kristen said...

Ah, my favorite poet to make me grab my literature book and dive in..wait...first must post. ;)

Wow, you have tomatoes. Me want some. ;) Didn't get any in this year and can you believe my pumpkins are only starting to bloom now? Maybe by Christmas I'll have jacks to carve. :D

What are you going to do with all those lovely ripe toms?

Jennifer @ Ellison Lane Quilts said...

oh my- definitely a large haul! I am imagining all kinds of goodness with those. :)

**nicke... said...

this is what i will be feeling in about a month. ;) xo

diane said...

what are you doing with all your tomatoes? I have made salsa, tomato jam and dried tomatoes and preserved them in olive oil. So good all year long

Jessica Christensen said...

That's how I am with cucumbers right now. It's possible that I will grow to hate dill pickles at some point.