Friday, September 7, 2012


Razor took this photo yesterday.  I like it muchly.

And he took this one last weekend.  I like it muchly too.

Happy weekend.



Kim said...

Sedum "autumn joy" how lovely the bees and butterflies can not resist it!
Oh bare feet walking through freshly mowed grass is there anything more wonderful, the smell and softness under foot?
I hate to think I'll be wearing shoes soon!

Nicely done Razor :0)

Unknown said...

Muchly liking, yes I do.

Makes me want to sneak over, settle in, and watch the flittings of butterflies and bees. I could attempt to be a garden gnome. ;)

Happy weekend to you, too. :D

Claire said...

I love the photo of the feet - very cute. Looking forward to being barefoot myself in the months ahead...sorry you will be in socks and shoes.

Kar said...

How awesome to have those winged beauties in your yard to enjoy. Nice job Razor! :) Enjoy your weekend! said...

How can you capture such beauty in a single shot. I love the butterflies and also the toes. Perfect for an end of summer photo.

QuiltNut Creations said...

Absolutely agree with Diane above, perfect end of summer pictures!

**nicke... said...

such sweet toes!