Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Poolside, peppers and such

I'm amused by the fact that in late October we found ourselves poolside, grilling peppers, digging sweet potatoes and playing with the hose.  But that is exactly what we did this past weekend.

Boo had her first swim meet and impressed me beyond measure.  I've been dropping her off at practice the last several months and then purposely not sticking around and watching her. Swim team is all hers. . . and she's rocking it.  She glides through the water like an arrow seeking a target.  The ribbons now hanging in her room prove it.  Maybe I should start calling her Katfish Everdeen.

The threat of a freeze taunts us every night so we decided to pick all the remaining peppers and roast them.  We then skinned, de-seeded, chopped and froze them for use all winter long. 

Razor also dug up the first bit of sweet potatoes.  Having some for dinner tonight.

And it was juuuuuuust warm enough for this one to play in the water.
Good stuff. 
Good stuff indeed.


Toni said...

I love the smell of roasting peppers! Looks like a fabulous weekend!

Trudi said...

Mmm, delicious!

Terriaw said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend! I love the idea of roasting your own peppers to save for winter use. And I love sweet potatoes too, but always forget to plant them in spring. I need to start making a list for my garden plans next year. We've already had a couple frosts so our gardens are done around here. Fun to see your harvest!

Teresa said...

Fun! Its snowing today in my backyard. Enjoy your good weather!

Kristen said...

Nice. Make me cry over here with our water turned off, temps in the 40s, fog, rain, and whispers of snow. And my garden, dead, retired for another season. Rumor has it my hens are lobbying for sweaters.

:). I am tickled your weather is still so nice.

Yay for your fishy girl.

Good times at the Old Red Barn makes my day. :)

QuiltNut Creations said...

Way to go Katfish ;). Those peppers look very yummy!

Sara said...

That girl is a fish I tell ya!!

Those peppers look very appetizing:)

Kim said...

I can't wait to move south!

Happy Fall

diane said...

Your garden puts mine to shame! Seriously, an amazing haul of peppers and sweet potatoes there.

Lee D said...

I would just love to have the warm air and sunshine back. We have been in dullsville all week with cloudy skies, cold and snow. Please Mr. Sun come back!

**nicke... said...

my garden has been gone for a LONG time!