Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And so it begins

Started this scrappy trip around the world quilt a few days ago due to an impromptu and impossible to resist quilt along started over on Instagram.  Search #scrappytripalong to see the photos of lots of others making one too.  I'm oldredbarnco if you care to find me on Instagram.

As the earliest morning light streamed through the corners of the shades this morning, I began writing this post in my mind.  Wanting to sum up the holidays and describe my feelings of a brand new January. 

Humans are brilliant for establishing calenders but even more so for holidays and traditions.  For it is the guaranteed passing of days in anticipation of holidays and associated traditions that makes memories.

No photo captures the warm fuzzy feelings that bubble out of me as my family sits around the kitchen table playing cards.  Or the spontaneous jam session of voices, hands, tapping feet and clinking glasses as we listen to a jug band Christmas station on Pandora.  I couldn't capture with a lens the swell of love I feel for my mother as I watch her roll sheet after sheet of cookie dough out for my girls to decorate with sprinkles.  Or the sigh of reluctant acceptance of a rainy, rainy December causing more muddy dog feet wiping than hot tub soaking.

More strips cut for more scrappy trip around the world blocks.
The kids go back to school tomorrow and my gym card will be swiped for the first time in three weeks.  I will come home to an empty house and take comfort in the fresh deposit to my memory bank.

And attempt to vacuum up the last sparkle of holiday glitter.  My how that stuff has a way of avoiding a broom, mop or vacuum.



diane said...

wipes tear from her eye and says, "Wow, Dana, you have a way with words". Happy New Year my friend.

Jenny said...

Diane, that's so sweet. I, on the other hand, brought up the comment form to say (1) I can't get that glitter out of my house either, and (2) are you going to fix those two squares, or do you have the disposition to leave them (admirable)?

Terriaw said...

I have been admiring your beautiful scrappy work on IG! Looks like a fun project and great way to use scraps. I love reading your summary of your holidays. I think that's the same reason I didn't take any pictures of our festivities - hard to capture that warm fuzzy feeling your family gives you. And it's nice to cherish it and keep it to myself. Happy day, friend!

Kar said...

Looks like an awesome quilt starting there. All the decor will be put back in storage today here. Can't wait to see what hid from my broom. Tricky little bits!

Kim said...

I toast you....."here here", and your words are exactly what I feel and would say if I had your poetic way with the language.

Let us bravely let 2013 in and meet it with all the gusto we can.

Happy 2013

Trudi said...

This nest is empty for a while longer before back to school next week, though t'was hard being back at work today. Here's to a fabulous new year ahead, glitter and sparkle and all!

Artfulife said...

Agree, agree, agree! So happy you guys had the best Christmas :) Hugs & Happy New Year!

Kristen said...

What beautiful words.

I've not been lured to the Trip Around the World party--yet. Lacking enough fabric for that. :( One day. :D

Happy 2013 to you and yours. May this year be fantastic.

Jessica Christensen said...

I've been trying to resist that QAL, but I feel myself about to succumb. Which is stupid, stupid, stupid given my penchant for not finishing anything. Maybe now that I not longer have technical difficulties, I can finish a few. Yours is shaping up nicely.

CitricSugar said...

Beautiful musings!

And glitter is pretty but pesky. I worked retail in an gift/accessories/home decor shop and once the boxes opened Nov 1st with all the Christmas ornaments, decorations, floral sprays, it was sneezes with unicorn-snot, finding glitter in every conceivable nook and cranny for weeks, and sparkly freckles that would NOT come off your skin for love or prayer, with the last vestages of it sweep up or vacuumed around May.

QuiltNut Creations said...

I love your blocks! And what is it with glitter? My favorite red chair is still covered with it; I have given up on getting the glitter off anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

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