Monday, January 7, 2013

Dotty the cow

Meet Dotty.  Dotty the cow. 
I've written about the cows that live across the street from our house before.  I happen to love having them there.  I look across at them at least once a day.  And I've sheparded my fair of stray cows out of my yard and back into their pasture.  I've even been known to slow my car, roll down the window and commune with cows up near the fence line.  How do I commune with them?  Well, I moo at them of course.
Anyway, back to Dotty.
We noticed Dotty a few weeks ago.  Can you guess how we came up with her name?  No?  Well, look at her.  She's got four distinct dots down her side.    And not just one side either.  BOTH SIDES!  Both sides of this bovine beauty have four perfect dots. 
So my youngest, Licious, has been wanting to go over and get a closer look at Dotty.  On this particular day Dotty was up close to the fence right in front of our house so we grabbed our cameras and crossed the street to get a better look.   We scooted through the fence gate and started talking sweet to our lovely cow neighbors.
They stared us down.
Especially this one.  This gal was keeping a close eye on me.  
Dotty got a little skittish and kept walking farther and farther away.  See!  Now you can see the matching four dots on her other side.  Ain't she cute?
Razor and Licious were patient and tried to avoid jiggy, jaggy and sudden movements that scared Dotty off more.  

Licious was particularly good at the sneaky steps.
They ended up getting close enough to Dotty for Licious to get some pictures with her Instax camera.  Which are now proudly in her backpack to take to school and share with her class.

And just for the record, I'm glad this one tagged along too because we needed someone to guard the gate from cows dashing to make an easy escape.  She said she stayed near the gate cause she didn't want cow poop on her shoes, but I know she was ready to do whatever it took to wrangle any feisty cows.



Terriaw said...

What a fun adventure! I can totally see wanting to get a closer look to check out those dots. Cows are funny creatures, aren't they.

LC said...

Did you know cows can learn their names and come when you call them, like dogs? I had no idea until my husband told me about the cow he had growing up named Maybell. Cows are such funny animals.

Toni said...

Love it! No one around us has cows so all we get to see are cornfields. Our kids love going to my parents' house and searching the pastures with their binoculars to spot cows.

Kar said...

How awesome is that to have those gentle neighbors across the way! I'd be looking everyday for them. :)

Sara said...

I bet they were mooing too pretty well when ya'll were in there! Ahhh that nice cow smell reminds me of WI! Never went cow tipping though:)

Kristen said...

What a fun day for you and yours. I love seeing cows.
When I was growing up the neighbors cows would get out and go through our backyard. Our littlest dog wanted to herd them. The herding dog hide under the table.

I miss those days but now I get turkeys, and raccoons, deer, and sometimes the bears come by for a visit.

And yes, it's still the littlest one that wants to take care of it all while the bigs hide in fear.

Ranch Wife said...

If you step in's supposed to bring you good luck. LOL

CitricSugar said...

Can't type - too busy giggling…!

diane said...

I like cows. We used to have lots and lots of dairy farms about 20 minutes away, but "progress" took over. Sad.

Lee D said...

no cows in my neighbours yards, but we do get porcupines, skunks, deer, jack rabbits, and can hear the coyotes.

Jennifer @ Ellison Lane Quilts said...

fun read. :) xo

Alice said...

I moo at cows too. Dotty is by far the coolest cow I have ever seen.
Such fun!!

Corinnea said...

Cows are interesting. I love her dots!