Monday, January 21, 2013

Funny stuff they said

The girls and I are going to do some baking today.  They are pushing for a raspberry variation of a cinnamon roll.  I'm voting for soft pretzels.  Maybe we will make both.
The people that live in this house with me are funny.  They make me laugh. 
Here are examples of what each of them said that made me laugh this past weekend.
RAZOR:  It was the end of the day and the girls were getting around to go to bed.  Licious came to me, hugged and kissed me, said goodnight and headed off to bed.  Razor throws his hands in the air in disgust that he was neglected in the goodnight kiss department and proclaims,  "Hey!  What am I?  Chopped gravy?"
I would have said liver but he thought gravy was more appropriate apparently.
To each his own.
LICIOUS:  Razor had moved the coffee table out of the way, gotten a yoga mat out and put his P90X workout DVD into the player.  All of us were in the living room with him . . . the girls on the couch reading and me sewing.  As he was working out it became obvious that the ab exercises were tough.  And they just kept going and going.  I was getting tired just watching him.  With everyone lost in their own activities, Licious pipes up and says, "Oh!  I'm really feeling this workout!"
In a totally deadpan delivery I might add.
BOO:  Licious and I really, really like Nutella.  You know what Nutella is, right?  A chocolaty hazelnut spread.  It's so delicious on fresh strawberries.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  Well,  we have both been curious about the Jif brand that we've seen at the grocery store and finally decided to buy a jar and see how it compares to our beloved Nutella.  Together both Licious and I did a spoon-by-spoon taste test and determined that we like it but Nutella is waaaaaaay better.
The next day Boo decided she was going to try the Jif brand too.  She digs a spoon into it, sticks it into her mouth, ponders it a moment and says, "Yummmm.  That's really good.  I can totally taste the peanut butter."  And I say, "Well isn't that interesting considering there is no peanut butter in it."
She replied by saying, "Oh."


Sara said...

Yeah I would much rather watch P90X than do it any day!

Kelly O. said...

ha ha! totally laughed out loud at licious' comment!

beth said...

these were great!!! i was totally laughing out loud!

Kar said...

We have so many moments like that around here. Constant laughter going on. :) Tell Razor to keep up the good work on the P90X.

Regina said...

LOL - so glad you are "recording" these! Priceless!

Jacque. said...

Thanks so much for sharing those, Dana. Had me laughing but good!

Unknown said...

Love the humor your family shares with each other.

Chopped gravy! Just add liquid. ;)

I felt that workout, too. Oh yeah, not doing that dvd any time in the near or distant future. ;)

Nutella? Ewww. I'll take peanut butter over that. Yes, I'm odd.

CitricSugar said...

Teeheehee! Your family's fun. How are those plans to adopt me coming along? ;)

AnnieO said...

Writing these things down is a necessity! Thanks for the laughs!

Chopped gravy. HA!

sallgood said...

Smiles are good, aren't they? :D

(Try homemade Nutella! It's AMAZING!!!) said...

Your family sounds like a very fun and loving group.

Kim said...

Families, aren't they the best :0)!

oh I love the smell of yeasty bread rising....wish I could come over and smell it baking too and well might as well stay eat some of either creation!! Yummy! I hoped you all watched some of the inauguration too
I love parades and all that tradition that goes with the high office of presidency.

Happy Sewing

**nicke... said...

snort! hilar!