Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Today I'm...

-- Typing as a space heater blows on my feet.

-- Scheming because even though my trusty space heater underneath my desk is on right now, the sun is shining, birds are chirping and more green is pushing it's way out of the ground every second.

--  Rubbing a sore spot on my left thumb caused by all the quilt binding I've been doing lately.

--  Wondering what I'll make for dinner later.

--  Thinking about little Joey the stray kitten/cat that has hung out at our house for months and months but won't let us near him.  We are making progress. Joey and I.  Soon he'll trust me.  Until then I will be patient and watch him play with our other cats from my window.

--  Planning a break from this space through next week. 

--  Waiting oh so impatiently for Sew South.



Kim said...

Oh I do love to watch Spring coming to town, I have snow drops blooming and the snow piles are week I'll be in NC settling into my new house :0)

Happy Day dreaming and Happy sewing too....finishing fun :0)

diane said...

One week from today, "reunited". I can hear the song in my head!

Jenny said...

loving that scrappy binding.

Kristen said...

What a lovely day you're having. :)

I've windows open and socks on my cold feet. I need the spring-like air that's outside to come in.

I'm eyeball deep in editing and ripping out stitches (not at the same time, mind you) when I'd rather be building the goat yard.

Mind if I sneak into your Sew South luggage? ;) Next year, if there is one, that's the one I'm pointing toward and maybe bring the girl with me.

Sweet little Joey, let the wonderful lady take care of you. She's purrfect at it. Glad he's found you and has a safe place to land. Here's to a warm up that makes hearts purr louder.

Back to the manuscript....:/

Lee D said...

spring blowing through Calgary today trying to melt the snow away. I wish it was gone for good, but i doubt it. Have fun at Sew South...jealous