Monday, September 9, 2013

Can you dig it?

Across the street from our house is a shallow, lazy river.  Not much goes on over there unless you keep track of Dotty's coming and goings like we do.  Of course there was that time that the forest service helicopter was using this part of the river to fill up a nylon bag with 90 gallons of water to fight a local fire.  But mostly nothing happens over there.

Except lately we've heard a motor sound coming from the river. 

Come to find out there is a guy digging for gold in that shallow, lazy river.  That contraption is a dredging machine that digs dirt up from the river bottom and runs it through the sluice box there where you see water coming out of the back.  He says he's been a gold digger for 30 years and found a nice nugget just the other day.  He says he finds lots of old silver coins from the early 1900s too. 

Now I guess it wasn't so crazy when a few years ago my kids were in the creek behind the house panning for gold.  Looks like I need to get them back out there.



Mama Spark said...

Your story made my day!! How funny!!

Beth said...

Send those girls back out there! LOL
Wonder how much gold and/or silver he has come up with. I don't think I could stick with that for more than a week. ;)

Kar said...

Let the girls go at it! How funny would that be if they found something and that guy found nothing with his contraption. :)

Petit Design Co. said...

LOL, send those kids back out there!

Jackie said...

Now that sounds like a good way to spend some time when you need to think.

Jackie said...

What an interesting looking contraption that is! I wonder if he has to have a permit to do that? That river must delight every kid around, I would have loved spending hours in it as a kid!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

There's gold in them there hills?????

Kim said...

Yes get them back out there so they can pay for their own college degrees.....have you seen the price of a college education these days!
What a funny contraption, did he invent it himself?

Hope you have a super week coming up and no more mishaps!

Happy Sewing