Friday, December 20, 2013

My (oldest) girl and I

My oldest has been on Christmas break for a few days and we've been spending our time doing things that she loves.


She loves baking.

Brittle, Pumpkin Putz, and Peppermint Bark.

Baking is all well and good but what I love is spending time with my girl.



Jacque. said... very special to have this time with your (oldest) girl! Happy Holidays to you and yours.

MeganW said...

that all looks so yummy!

Kim said...

The best of two worlds, bonding time
and making something yummy. I bet it smells wonderful in your house!

Merry Christmas and a creative New Year to you and yours

Trudi said...

The best! We both just finished work and college today :). Looking forward to some time too :) x

Beth said...

Time spent together is always the most important thing.

scottylover said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all! I remember baking with Mom, too and it always was special. I'm sure she will remember it for many years to come!

And I have to say, I love how you make brittle. My step-mom makes it so thin you can see through it. I love it thick & chunky, just like me! :)
Sandy A

Kristen Schubach said...

What lovely memories made and much happiness while creating such lovely oh my gosh my tummy is talking now for nom nom noms. ;)

The little things that make us you always show us that with your darling girls.

Glad you had fun, took lovely pictures to tease and tempt those of us reading. Now if I had a few more hours in my day I'd make some

Enjoy those delights and the memories made.

Dena said...

It all looks wonderful and the smiles are the best. Merry Christmas!

PatSloan said...

I love that you bake with your daughter! An awesome tradition to pass down. Merry Christmas and a beautiful New Year to you and your family!

Jackie said...

Love her headband. It's really cute. Those treats look yummy as well.
I have finished my Christmas crafts and projects and am looking forward to spending a little time (work week=no time off) during Christmas with my little family. Have a great Christmas Dana.

Jess @ said...

Such a great thing to have that time together!