Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend snapshot

This past weekend included ice skating, Christmas parties, first high school dances and food that simmered all day long. The beauty of this life is not lost on me.  I feel it profoundly.  Especially in December.



Beth said...

It seems like we tend to get so busy that we don't stop and see what is happening right now.
I really think I will ice skate this winter.
The trees look beautiful. The girls look beautiful.

Paige said...

Looks and sounds like a happy weekend to me!

Kristen Schubach said...

What a wonderful weekend you have had and I bet memories were made and stored.

Simmering dinners make me happy, and I really need to get doing that but it always slips my mind.

I can't believe the date on the calendar. Where is the time going?

May the rest of the days of December be filled with awesome and memories, laughter, and love.

Jackie said...

Very nice. Have a great day, Dana.

Pat Meinecke said...

Must have been at the Folk School last week. Did you happen to catch the Brasstown Ringer handbell concert on Friday night? That's my group.