Monday, January 20, 2014

Giving old doors new life

I'd been on the hunt for a pair of old doors for the last three or four years with no luck.  And then out of the blue we found out that our neighbors had a bunch of old doors in their barn.  We took a look and found a matching pair and after we brought them home we realized that they are an exact match to all the doors in our house.
We couldn't beat the price of the doors either as our neighbors so graciously gave them to us free of charge. Whoot!

They are beautiful.

And I'll show you more of them once the paint dries.



Jackie said...

Neat. So funny that you found doors you liked and they were exactly like the ones you have! Have a great week, Dana.

Kim said...

Nothing beats a solid wood door! Just some elbow grease and there are truly better than what you can buy new.

Oh boy can't wait to see the reveal of the "new" room.

Happy Sewing

scottylover said...

Very nice! I love seeing things refurbished! And you really can't beat the price. :)

Sandy A

Mcm said...

How wonderful!

Beth said...

What a great find...and to get them for free...even better. They look beautiful, I can hardly wait to see them finished.

Kar said...

Beautiful!!! Solid wood doors with those connecting joints. Doors are not made like that anymore. Nice neighbors you got there. :)

charlotte said...

Nice doors. I love real wood. By the way, I like your new blog header. Very soft looking.

Sandra Ludwig said...

It's not everyday you get to have kind neighbors with matching doors! You are very lucky. Well, that seems to be quite a project you'll be working on. Keep us posted on how your new door turns out.

Sandra Ludwig @