Wednesday, February 26, 2014


1.  In Spring, I buy plants. And seeds.  And my greenhouse starts to hum.

2.  Apparently this extends into late winter.  With the plant buying.  These are all sitting on my kitchen windowsill waiting for the perfect pots.

3.  I'm picking up a quilt from the long arm quilter today and can't wait to share it with you.

4.  There must be an entire colony of mice that my outdoor cats are unaware of.

5.  Ask me how I'm aware of them.

6.  I'm going on a trip to New York City in April and will have very limited free time. When I do have free time I'll be in Chinatown, the financial district and near Times Square.  What are places I should see?  Where should I eat?



Jessica Christensen said...

You should go to the fabric district if you have time. You should go to Purl Soho (not that it's in any of the places you said you were going, but still . . .). And there is a restaurant in Chinatown where the waitress will yell at you in Chinese, seat you at a gigantic table with a bunch of other people, and serve you the best soup dumplings you've ever had. (I'll see if I can find the address for you.) Then you can walk to Little Italy for gelato.

Kar said...

Sounds like you've got a lot of wonderful things going on around you. Except for the mice. Get to work kitties! :)

MeganW said...

My sympathies on the mice! I've been buying plants too. :) said...

I was just in NY twice this week. What are you going in for? I live in NJ so we go in for shows etc... I ate at "Iron Bar & Grill" yesterday for lunch. It's at 713 8th Avenue. We've been there twice and have had great burgers and soup...OMG, yesterday I had tomato basil with homemade croutons and that was the best soup I've had in ages!
We also go to Carmine's, but you need a reservation and the food is served family style so you only want to go if you're 3-4 people.... The Playwright's Pub is another delicious place. Truthfully, any place you go past, is wonderful. We don't usually plan ahead, we park, take a little walk and go into anyplace that looks like it's not a chain restaurant. OH, and next to Penn Station are some of the best barbecue places!
Have fun...take in a show. I saw BEAUTIFUL on Saturday and was in awe. I want to see it again..yesterday I went in to see Kelly & Michael film their show.

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Terri said...

Love seeing pictures of green plants, which I haven't seen in over 5 months. Fun to have a greenhouse!

How wonderful to have a trip planned to NYC! My in-laws live there so I've been there quite a few times. I agree with Jessica, both Purl Soho shops are fun to see. Mood fabrics is fun, along with wandering into the other shops in the fabric district. Magnolia Bakery or Crumb for a cupcake might be fun. Just walking and taking in the urban culture is THE best!

Kristen Schubach said...

How do you know? Those mischievous mice making mayhem.

Enjoy the gathering of seeds and plants waiting for spring to happen with warm ground and gentle breezes.

Oh, New York. Have fun. I can't suggest a place as the only time I was there was in Manhattan, and I saw nothing much.

Have fun exploring and traveling, planting and memory making...and teasing about a quilt to be seen. :D

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

We really should get our seeds started, but it's just so dang cold, it's hard to think about summer.

I wish we had a green house, well the blacksmith thinks he has a green house, my dining room.

Amy said...

Ummm, I wanna go with!?

Lynne Shandley said...

I'm planting in the yard! It was almost Spring-like today (though it is going to snow this weekend!!!!). Love the jade plant and yargh to the colony of mice!

Jackie said...

I want to go to NY, again. I went in high school as part of a field trip. Can I go with you? :) You'll have a great time. I was just thinking about the fabric district earlier today.

OPQuilt said...

I've done the fabric district recently and I think if I were you, I'd spend more time touristing. By financial district, I assume you mean lower Manhattan. Go see the 9-11 Memorial (sign up for free tickets online before you go), walk along the walkway looking over at Brooklyn, visit the Bull. Times Square is just wild--spend some time watching the big screen, and if you have time go to a show (some mornings they give out half-priced tickets; line up early to get them).
I wouldn't miss Grand Central Station, nor Zabar's (in there) for lunch--pick it up to go. We also liked walking the High Line (west side of mid-town) one morning. Subways connect you back to lodgings easily.

Hit Purl Soho (near Chinatown) for sure (I'd go here before I'd go to the fabric/garment district), and don't forget City Quilts, a fabulous quilt shop in NYC.

Have fun!


Kim said...

I'll be in NYC in March, I hope it doesn't snow! Well I don't know much about NYC but I do love the museums and galleries. Last time we were there we saw the space shuttle on the Intrepid too. I just like to get out and walk and see all that I can see.

Have a good time :0)
Happy Sewing