Monday, August 25, 2014


I'm like that runner you see at the end of a race that is bent over and standing with her hands on her knees. Neck cricked up, looking around with furrowed brow and clenched teeth. One look at her and you know she ran a race and gave it all she had.

This summer took it out of me. Halfway through I had a side stitch and no amount of proper breathing was going to allow me to catch my breath.

But I remember all the good this summer offered.  Time unplugged.  Out in nature.  With family and friends.  Exploring new places.

Perspective.  It's all how I look at it I suppose.


P.S.  Razor put a window in where one wasn't before.  Whoot!


MeganW said...

This summer has knocked the wind out of me too. But that perspective reminder is so true. Connecting with nature (backpacking trip coming up!), time with family and friends (a great bridal shower just thrown for an awesome college friend).

wifemotherexpletive said...

Those greens are GOOOOORgeous.. and now a new window opens up that whole new perspective sought after so...

Beth said...

I hate those stupid stitches! You are so right about perspective. Hope you catch your breath soon so you are ready for the next blur of activity.
I love your new window, the pretty greenery inside and outside.

Jackie said...

I'd love to be able to catch my breath, from actual activity, but my lungs are not ready for that...yet. Love the window!

Catherine said...

I seem never to have stopped this summer- so many visitors, so much cooking (not that I don't like either!). I cannot wait for some peaceful autumn days. My favourite season! Time for quilting and crafting before the mad dash up to Christmas