Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Craziest things happen

Over the years lots of exciting things have happened at or around our house.  We will never forget the time when the helicopter was filling a huge bucket in the river across the street to fight a small forest fire.  Or the time when it took three law enforcement officers to wrangle a stray cow.  I count the time when the Associated Press visited me and then invited me to Washington, DC pretty high on this list of exciting things too.  The other night something happened right behind our house that has now been added to that list as well. 

We heard some noise out on the train tracks behind our house.  That is pretty unusual because the tracks aren't used by trains and there are rarely hikers passing through.  We went outside to investigate.

As I peeked around the trees I clearly saw a man with a camera.  A video camera.

We walked up to the neighbors house because there were additional vehicles up that way.

That is our property there on the right of the tracks above.  Those guys are manually turning their little gas engine rail car around.

Once the motorized rail car was turned around, they hooked it up to tow a cart that looked like a homemade attempt to be an old fashioned hand pumped rail car.  

They towed it and even waved at us and said hello until it jumped the tracks and the crew had to lift it back into place.

It was killing Razor not to get down there and help them but it gave us an opportunity to talk with them and find out what in the world they were up to.

It turns out, this crew was from Discovery Channel and they were filming an episode of Hillbilly Blood (which I had never heard of and had to Google. But we totally acted like we knew all about. We didn't want to hurt any feelings after all.)

Anyway.  That was exciting.



Audrie said...

That's hilarious!

Corinnea said...

Too funny! Now I need to go google it.

MeganW said...

Pretty cool and random and fun!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

How fun was that!!! :))

Jackie said...

Awesomely random.

sallgood said...

I think this is so fun! My daughter lives in Manhattan, so they see filming going on all the time, so it's not that big a deal to them-but if someone was filming on my street….:D
PS. One of my DIL's mom rented her house to a film crew. Her advice is….DON'T!!!( Just in case the Hillbilly people ask you.)

Beth said...

I do remember the great cow round up. LOL.
This was exciting. Now you will have to try and catch an episode of the show.

java diva said...

That's so cool!! I've never heard of that show either, but fun!

dolores said...

Hilarious. I just read this post to hubby...we use bunny ears so don't get Hillbilly Blood...oh well!;)

dolores said...

Hilarious. I just read this post to hubby...we use bunny ears so don't get Hillbilly Blood...oh well!;)

diane said...

Maybe they were scouting for new stars for the show? Ha!

Paige said...

What? I've never heard of it either. I will have to check it out!