Monday, September 22, 2014

A blogger is obliged to recap. So recap I must.

I can already look back at it reminiscently.  Fondly.  Wistfully even.  I scroll through the pictures that are physical proof of how the summer of 2014 was spent and think it was just as summer is supposed to be.  Outside.  With friends and family. On the water.  Doing things we love.

"I love the river Mom."  She said.  "Me too." I said.  "I'd swim in a lake over a swimming pool any day of the week." She said.  "Me too."  I said.

Good stuff happens on a bike trail. When you are hot and sweaty and breathing hard in the late June heat.  Kids talk.  And I really try to be present to listen.

 I made things this summer.  Most of them involved food.  Or jokes.

And I crawled through caves.  Not these caves, however, as this was a small trip Razor, our girls and their cousins took. Camping, rivers, water slides, caves and s'mores.  Those girls will remember that trip for the rest of their lives.

I started teaching my oldest how to drive.

And I spent a few days in Oklahoma City teaching and sewing with friends.  My favorite were the late night pow-wows with these two.

Snap. Flash. Boom.

Summer's over.



Kim said...

What a great summer, your girls will always know how much you love them and enjoy being with them. I once read the greatest gift you can give your child is to love their father. I agree with that but in addition giving your child love and respect and firm guidance goes a long way too. Good luck with the driving lessons, be calm, talk softly and wear your seat belt!

Happy Sewing

KaHolly said...

Looks as though you had a marvelous summer. But didn't it go by fast?

Sara said...

SUMMER DID FLY BY! Now for fall! Wish I could get to somewhere for the fall colors. I think I'm too far away from anywhere lol

That cave looked too close for comfort to me haha Good to hear your girls were able to enjoy it though.

Laney said...

I loved seeing this review of your summer. What great memories for your girls (and you).

LISA said...

Thank goodness for glad you share:)

Paige said...

What fun! So much great family and friend time! We're coming into my favorite time of year and I am ready!

Lynne Shandley said...

Holy crap, you are teaching your eldest to drive!???!??!?!?!!!!
Like when did she get that big?
Looks like a summer well spent!

angela said...

What special times with your family. You have such a lovely way of putting things.

diane said...

It looks like another memorable summer for you and your family.

Beth said...

Lovely summer memories. I would love all of it, except cave crawling. Just the picture made me anxious. ;)

Next up, school stuff, driving lessons, holidays, and more precious memories.

Jackie said...

I'm not really a fan of swimming on water I can't see through. You never know what is in there swimming with you, besides fish.
Driving! Take some notes so I can be prepared to teach my kids in 10 years.
Looks like a fun summer. It just flew by so fast.