Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What I've been working on

I've already mentioned that I've been working on making all 90 blocks of the Pony Club blocks from the book The Farmers Wife Pony Club by Laurie Aaron Hird.  Each block finishes at 8.5" square which seems small.  It seems especially small when you consider that many of the blocks have dozens upon dozens of pieces.  I've been rather singularly focused on my Pony Club blocks for weeks but two weekends ago I took a small road trip to meet up with a few friends for a weekend of sewing.

Lee and Nicole convinced me that I could cut and sew a quilt top in a matter of hours.  And I did.

And once home I've been right back to the Pony Club.  As of this moment I only have 14 more blocks to make. Now I'm dragging my heels.  Not because I've lost interest.  I liken it to a good book that you don't want to end so you slowly, very slowly, read the last few chapters.  That's how I feel about these remaining blocks. I kinda don't want them to end.


P.S. Are you making Pony Club blocks too?  Use the hashtag #ridethatponyclub on Instagram and Twitter so I can see 'em too.  Pretty please?


Terri Ann said...

I did a similar thing with a triangle quilt last week. I was supposed to be packing up my apartment but instead I pressed, cut, planned and pieced a triangle quilt top (baby size) it took a few hours but it was still the fastest most impromptu top I've ever made. I think that last pony club block would bring me to quit a slow pace, I'm looking at those y seams and I'm not one to fear y-seams but that many in one join makes me shutter.

Laura Chaney said...

I love how you hung that quilt over the banister like that for the pictures. So fun and it looks great!

Stacey said...

I would love to tackle the farmers wife blocks. It is definitely on my to do list!

May Chappell said...

So great sewing with you my sweet friend!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Cute! What is the fabric with the words on it? I have tried and tired to find "wordy" fabric.

diane said...

So much for 10 blocks a month. You are riding that pony like a race horse. Lovely quilt finish too.