Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Right this second

Right this second? Okay.

Over the weekend we bought an energy efficient picture window to replace the single-pane one in our office that is original to the house. This will obviously help with energy efficiency but also help keep this room drier as the single pane allowed for condensation and water to pool on the sill. You know how one thing leads to another, right? Well, this meant we also pulled out the carpet, removed desks and filing cabinet (not in that order. obviously), and cleaned windows and scrubbed screens. My back and shoulders are paying the price for such industriousness.

The tomatoes and peppers and various flowers are doing their reaching-for-the-sun thing in the greenhouse. Our last frost date is mid-May so these little guys will have a few more weeks to grow before they are put into the ground.

Two summers ago we took a trip out west with friends and this summer we are headed to Minnesota to spend time paddling the Boundary Waters. The big portions of the trip are already planned but this past weekend our friends came over so we could plan some of the finer details. While they were here we took a hike up behind our house to a remote waterfall. The hike included lots of creek crossings and mud. My ankles aren't the strongest and I'm not the most sure footed. Slipping and nearly falling was what I did for most of the hike. But feeling the mist of the waterfall on my face and smelling the damp and mossy forest made up for that.

Lilacs are one of my mother's favorites.  And since she is my favorite, these are especially for her.

And finally, I'm headed out the door to go to Zumba. This particular instructor is very hip hop and I love it. Like LOVE it. I don't listen to hip hop but I do love dancing to it. And all that booty shakin' burns serious calories. I'll try to remember to instagram a photo of calories burned when I'm done.

Happy Tuesday!



diane said...

It looks like spring has sprung in NC. Beautiful

Kar said...

Sounds like some fantastic happenings going on around your place! : )