Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring break, donuts, pinterest and such

My youngest has been on spring break this week. We haven't done anything flashy but we sure have had fun. There is something luxurious about laying in bed under heavy quilts with the cold morning air coming in through the open windows. Having staring contests and making the other warm our cold feet all while the other two members of our family are off to school or work. Today we have plans for DIY projects she wants to do. They include old jeans, lace, Mason jars and chalkboard paint.

We made donuts this morning. I've made dozens of donuts at this point and think the best recipe is the one that came with the Wilton donut pan. Today I didn't have any buttermilk so we made them with milk and they were perfectly delicious.

Finally, Pinterest. I haven't been on Pinterest in ages but I have noticed that so much of my traffic comes from there. Maybe it's time I revisit it. I'm part of an online quilting bee and my month is approaching and I'll bet I can find inspiration there. Plus, I'm looking to identify a fragrant, blooming bush so that I can buy some for my own. And ferns. Oh how I love ferns lately. I need to go create a fern board and hope to inspire a fern quilt with the images!



em's scrapbag said...

Enjoy your time with your daughter. Your doughnuts look yummy.
Pintrest is full of inspiration for bee ideas. Be careful not to get sucked in.

The Cozy Pumpkin said...

Mmmm...donuts! ;)

diane said...

Now you've convinced me I need a donut pan. And then I'll need an exercise plan. Please write that post next 😘

Lynn said...

Friday: read blog post while hungry
Sunday: received new Wilton donut pan from Amazon.
Monday: will swim and take a long walk to appease the guilt and swear off reading blogs (no not really)

sallgood said...

Most of my blog traffic is from pinterest too. (The blog I started as a result of doing a circle quilt with the scraps from the quilt along I did with you!) :D

And it 's a good thing I don't have a donut pan. I would EAT.THEM.ALL.