Friday, August 7, 2015

Nearly imperceptible

It's nearly undetectable. This thing that happens as the calendar page flips to August. But it is there. I feel it as I stand in the morning air with my arms wrapped like a pretzel around me. Waiting on my dogs under the heavy mist.

Brown eyed susans

The harvest is abundant in August. And I see the pregnant golden rod ready to burst and send me into a sneezing fit. 

We had to pick the apples before the birds did. And I washed them, made a pie, and pondered where to store them. Too many to keep on the counter, what with all the tomatoes and peppers and squash and such already there. Into a wooden box. Left in the sun to dry. Creating autumn right there in my backyard.

But daisies are there too. The quintessential summer blossom. So I know it's not autumn yet.

But it's starting to tickle my nose.



Kar said...

It's hard to go from season to season when you love them all so much. But when you know one is nearly over it's hard to wait for the other to begin. : )

AnnieO said...

No sign of autumn here, please!! I still haven't gotten to the beach a single time!

dolores said...

I was thinking the same thing...and we haven't put our air conditioners in this summer and won't now that it's August!:)

Our goldenrod is getting big too but it's not the goldenrod that makes you's the ragweed that blooms at the same time!:) Goldenrod always gets a bum rap so now you can enjoy it knowing that is not what is making you sneeze.

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

We've finally got some sun today so it only just feels like Summer to me! Autumn is such a wonderful time of year though and your pictures make me look forward to it :)

Amy said...

The only sign of autumn here is in my mind's eye. But that's ok. I know it's coming. And even though it will still be hotter than hot, September 1st is what we call the beginning of "Woods' Fall." :D

diane said...

Your words and photos are like a shot of adrenaline to my soul. You are my "chicken Soup"! ❤️