Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The 24 hour jelly channel

It's all jelly all the time around here. This year I've made raspberry jam, grape jelly and just this week I made three batches of hot pepper jelly. I was talking to a friend in the midst of steaming pots and bubbling sugar yesterday. She mentioned how she wished she knew how to make jelly.

And I said, "Well get here and I'll teach you how!"

And she said, "I wish."

And wouldn't jelly camp be fun? Or canning camp?


P.S. I used this recipe for the hot pepper jelly. Except I don't use any bell peppers (just a mix of red and green hot peppers) and I use Bragg's Cider Vinegar. Never heard of hot pepper jelly? It's wonderful poured over a block of cream cheese and spread on crackers. It's really good with other fruits mixed into the jelly too . . . pineapple hot pepper jelly and raspberry hot pepper jelly are especially yummy.


the girlfriend gap said...

Hello Dana, I followed your jelly link pinned it and ended up here : )

Looks like lots of yum-yum!

Happy Autumn days to you. My garden is winding down it was all so good but after weeks and weeks of a dining room table full of garden produce I am a bit relieved. On the good side we ate a lot of meals on the front porch Alfresco : ) We gave so much away but still some went to waste. Always feel kind of bad about that. I canned a lot of tomatoes and froze a lot of beans. Lots of winter yum-yum to look forward to. The Jalepenos and other peppers are finally just starting to come with a little help from Epson Salts a week and a half ago. We had our first Jalepeno poppers : ) a couple of days ago. Yum!

Looking forward to more time to sew now that summer is coming to a close.

Enjoy every good thing : )

tara said...

Sign me up. Ive got jam down pat but jelly looks interesting

MeganW said...

canning camp?! I'm in!

CRN said...

I am all up for canning camp! Some local farm needs to do some planning and make that a thing!

CRN said...

I am all up for canning camp! Some local farm needs to do some planning and make that a thing!

diane said...

It's one of my favorites to make.

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

I'm all about canning! I first started the summer I was pregnant with my first baby and had "nesting" instinct out of control! Almost 10 years later I have another newborn and although I didn't get to make as much variety as I usually do, I canned over 200 half pints of strawberry jam! It's the only one my kids like and we go through about 2 per week so it should last until strawberry season next year;)

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

Oh I should mention I can with my friend and we split the jars.