Tuesday, November 24, 2015

All sorts of sales at Old Red Barn Co!

Several things to tell you about today. First off, I've hinted over the past several months that at the end of 2015 I will be closing the Old Red Barn Co. shop.

Since I started making and selling soap under the Old Red Barn Co. name, so many things have changed. Old Red Barn Co. began in my kitchen and became a way for our family to have a little extra income. It grew steadily and helped us during some very lean years. Alone and as a family, I've traveled and participated in countless craft shows. My customers are loyal and have kept our internet business brisk. It's hard because in many ways I feel like I'm letting those amazing customers down. But over the years, Old Red Barn Co. has morphed and changed and stretched and grown. What started as me selling my handmade goat milk soap at my local farmer's market one Saturday, has changed into a quilt related business that occupies more and more of my time. Add two busy teenage daughters to the mix and something just has to give.

As a thank you to you, whether you've been a customer from the beginning or have never tried our products before, we are having a blow out sale that will last until the end of the year or when we are sold out. Soaps are normally $4 each or three bars for $10 but the sale price is now $4 each or nine bars for $25. Scrubs are normally $10 each but are now three for $20.  The website does NOT reflect these sale prices as I'm having a booger of a time getting the drop down menus to do what I want them to do and reflect the correct sale price. This means that for every order that comes through from now until closing, I will adjust and refund the overages.  Sorry for the hassle of the whole buy-at-regular-price-and-then-have-the-overages-refunded-to-you thing.  It saves me from hiring someone to fix the website and I promise you'll get the sale prices!

Also, you might have noticed a slight change to the Imagine Quilts graphic up in top of the right side bar here on the blog.

I have a final shipment of books now in stock and I have signed copies on sale for $15 + $2.50 media mail shipping. I won't be ordering any more so if you've ever considered buying one (thank you!! ::blushing::) now's the time.  Just click on that icon in the upper right hand sidebar of my blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

'Kay. I think that's all for now.



Shorty said...

Book ordered! Thanks so much for the reminder. I'm really looking forward to having this on my shelf and as a resource for quilting. You may not know this, but your binding tutorial is what helped me finish my very first quilt and I've what I've gone back to anytime I'm making a binding. Can't wait!

Jennifer said...

I'll be placing my order! I will miss your soaps, but I will stock up so I don't have to for a while :)