Monday, December 7, 2015

Snippets. Ramblings. Thoughts rolling around my head.

December has such specific traditions and rituals and we are happily partaking in them all. The town Christmas parade. Procuring a tree. Stringing lights. Making lists. Which includes a grocery shopping list that has me thinking about what kinds of cookies and treats to make this year. I always make sugar cookies and molasses cookies. Everything else changes year to year and I'm open to suggestions.

The sale continues over at Old Red Barn Co. and will remain in effect until we sell out. Remember that soaps are on sale nine bars for $25 (usually they are $4 each) and the sugar scrubs are three for $20 (usually $10 each.) It's a strange feeling to know that this is it for our soap business. 

We grew a ton of Candy Roaster Squash this summer and I've decided that I'm going to roast it all up and freeze it. With an oven on and roasting squash from about 10am-3pm each day, it is probably going to take me four or five days to complete. It makes delicious soup and even more amazing pie. And I don't think it's any secret that #weeatalotofpie. 

My oldest is close to getting her driver's license. You guys. This is tough for me. It's a scary world out there and she's about to be out driving around in it.

Here's to a happy week of December-ing.



the girlfriend gap said...

Learned about a new thing to plant in my garden today : ) Never heard of candy roaster squash before. Wonder if it would work in my pumpkin cheesecake recipe ? Recipe shared here

December should be 60 days long.... just too much good stuff for one month. Though we are extremely slow to take it all down. Usually have some lights still twinkling in Feb : ) Winter is dreary here in Iowa.

Christmas hugs for you!


Stephie said...

That's some squash! It sounds like you're getting in to the Christmas spirit. My son's old enough to learn to drive, but so far has shown no interest whatsoever, hurrah! Can well imagine your anxiety. I guess we can only encourage them to take it slowly.

diane said...

Happy December my friend.
That's a lot of squash. Wish I lived closer to help you with it.
Teen drivers are a scary time but all will be well.