Thursday, October 13, 2016

Mise en place

Although mise en place is a cooking term to describe all the preparation of ingredients before starting the cooking process, I think it's an accurate and useful term in quilting too. So much prep before you actually start sewing.

I made this star earlier this week. People on Instagram had such great suggestions for a name for the block too. I think I'm calling it Old Red Barn Star. And now I need to make hundreds of them in every color combination possible!



Robby H. said...

Lovely star! You're so/sew right about 'mise en place'.

Laura said...

I attended a quilt retreat last weekend and spent lots of time getting "mise en place." Love your block. I don't think I've seen a cutting mat quite like yours before, and I like the markings on it. Where did you get it?

scottylover said...

Oh, what a fun block! Are you gong to offer it as a pattern?

And, yes, I want to see this in every color combination available!

Summer said...

Looking so pretty! Nice work ♥