Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Catch up of happenings

Over the last weeks and months I've:  Done yoga on the boat dock. Spent a weekend with friends sewing. Watched the sunflowers bloom and fade. Spent lots of time as a passenger in the car with my youngest as she logs hours behind the wheel. Filled the hummingbird feeders more times than I can remember. Tried to walk my stubborn dog every single day even though at some point this summer she has decided she no longer wants to go on daily walks. Watched the total solar eclipse. Made (and ate) lots of pie. Finally took my sewing machine to be properly serviced. Dropped my oldest off at college. Gulp.




I think you were one busy lady--but you sound happy about it and think of all the memories that you created this summer--
enjoy the moments, di

AnnieO said...

That sounds mostly blissful. Except for the recalcitrant dog and the absent daughter. You'll make it work!

Wanda H said...

Saw your new blocks on Instagram <3 Gorgeous!! Sounds like an awesome summer but I am with you on the *gulp* of dropping someone off at college!

Jennifer said...

Great summer! Hope your daughter is doing well at school.