Tuesday, November 14, 2017

These photos were taken by my youngest daughter. Frozen nighttime temperatures ended their riot of color weeks ago. Actually, probably more like five or six weeks ago. Over a month and yet it feels like yesterday. We've driven here, there and everywhere so much lately. Cross country meets. Parent weekend. Clogging.  Here, there and everywhere.

The season has shifted. And I sat down with the intention to write about where I find myself in motherhood right now. But I can't really find the words. I don't know how to express the feeling of parenting one from afar. Or holding on extra tightly to the one still sharing my roof. But I can say that next week is Thanksgiving and I plan on wearing thick, woolen socks, making yummy food, and smothering each of them with my physical presence daily.

Fall and winter really are my favorite. I like staying inside my cozy home. And I'm feeling wistful about the fact that when my girls were younger we had long stretches of days together with no immediate end. Not to mention my mothering role was so much clearer then. Well, clearer in that an outsider could visibly see what I was doing and recognize it as mothering without explanation. I'm still mothering. I finished a text exchange moments ago where I let one know that the professor will like her concept and she'll feel much better after talking to him. That exchange isn't as obvious. It's invisible almost. But it's still very much there. Necessary. Important. Cherished.

Growing up. Spreading wings. And dang drivers licenses. It's all good.



Charlotte M. said...

Hi Dana. I understand how hard it is to adjust your parenting role. Sometimes I think these years are the hardest to parent, but the one thing I have learned is that even when they are parents themselves, they still need their mother to encourage, support and cheer them on. You learn how to advise, without taking anything away from their own abilities to do things for themselves. A challenge, but equally as wonderful as parenting when they were small children. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the food and togetherness of the holiday.

Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

Your wisdom and kind words are so very much appreciated! Thank you!