Thursday, September 6, 2018

Synchronous Firefly Quilt

Have you heard of or, better yet, seen the synchronous fireflies in Great Smoky Mountain National Park? Certain species of fireflies, or lightening bugs, glow in unison and seeing them far from civilization and competing artificial light sources is magical. They blink on and then off together. Hundreds of them in unison. It's really something.

We've never gotten a lottery ticket to see the official, official event along the trails in the campground that the park puts on. But we drive the old logging roads, hike into dark woods and cruise the loop of Cades Cove each spring and have seen their synchronicity.  And when I look out into the corner of my yard each evening in early summertime, I'm pretty sure I see them there too. Not hundreds of them. Just those that live for their brief time right in my yard.  Sometimes I wonder if my eyes are playing tricks on me. But I watch and wait and watch and wait. And I see them blink together.

Obviously, this is my Synchronous Fireflies quilt. Cause, I mean, duh.  No brainer. Had to be done.


P.S.  Pattern from Pen and Paper Patterns can be found here at Pattern Drop. You can even buy the same fabrics I used from Sewtopia here.

P.S.  For some reason I'm no longer getting emails each time I get a comment on a post. This means that I'm not able to send an email response to your comments like I have for the past 10 years.  And when I go to the actual post itself, I'm not given the option to reply there either. It's a glitch and I'm doing my best to work through it and see what settings have changed and what I can do to fix it. I apologize for my lack of responses. I do not like to be rude and I apologize if it appears that I am being exactly that.


Laura said...

I love this quilt! Great color choices.

AnnieO said...

Beautiful quilt, and info on fireflies.
Blogger is making a lot of changes and they have had an unintended effect on emails. I always make the first comment and click to have follow up emails sent. Comment answering is another glitchy area!

moosecraft said...

Such a cute quilt! I love the fireflies in Summertime. I think we had more this year than peaceful! I would never have thought to look for a firefly quilt pattern...perfect to take along to fireworks displays! :-)
I do hope blogger gets more consistent with their fixes...having the comment notifications sent to my email was reinforced the "social" in social media! lol! ;-)

Jacque. said...

That is a fun quilt!!! Love the colors you used, too. Another winner for the pile, Dana!!!

Jennifer said...

Great quilt and I love the rich teal background.
I had the same issue on my blog - go to your settings where it has your email for comments, remove it, save, then add it back and save. Ta da, comments come to your email again!

Charlotte M. said...

Beautiful job on this quilt. I am making it too. I am making it because I miss fireflies. We don't have them here in California. We had tons in our yard in Chapel Hill. Thanks for the lesson on the fire flies. I did not know that.