Tuesday, October 2, 2018

We rented an RV and spent two weeks in Maine

At the end of July, we rented a RV and spent two weeks in Maine. We drove first to New Hampshire where Razor and the girls hang glided. We ate dinner that night in Claremont where we unexpectedly met a cast member from a reality show that Licious is mildly obsessed with. Then we spent a day wondering through Vermont to our first real destination of Wells, Maine. Razor had the Untamed New England Expedition Adventure Race and he and his team departed out of Durham, New Hampshire. The girls and I spent those five days exploring up and down the Maine coast from Portsmouth, New Hampshire to Freeport, Maine. We saw breathtaking rocky, cliff shorelines and stunning lighthouses. We ate lobster and halibut. We were there right at the height of wild blueberry season and indulged in blueberry everything from soda to ice cream. Sushi in Portland. Sea glass hunting in Kennebunkport. Souvenir shopping at a billion shops. We had a great week together. 

Just the three of us had to move the RV once. I drove it like a boss and backed it right into the space with the two best helpers I could ever ask for. 

Sneakily, we figured out where the race would finish and made it there just in time to see Razor and his team finish. Tired but full of stories, we drove him and all his super smelly gear back to the RV where we fed him the best fried halibut before he crashed.

The next day we rolled out for a meandering drive to Acadia National Park. We stopped several times along the way to see light houses and search for sea glass. My favorite sea glass spot was Belfast.

Acadia was remarkable. The views. The landscape. The sea. The lobster traps. Bar Harbor. The food. Southwest Harbor and the boat ride on the RL Gott out to Frenchboro. We saw harbor seals, harbor porpoise, gray seals, bald eagles and cormorants. And lots and lots of other unforgettable sights, sounds, and flavors.  The 18 photos above hardly even scratch the surface.

I love my crew. We rocked RV living so hard. Everyday was a game of Tetris to get us in and out of that moving vehicle of family bonding. Countless quarters to shower and do laundry. Falling asleep each night with my feet near the kitchen faucet. The daily contortionist shuffle of bed-to-table-back-to-bed-again.  It really was one of the best trips.  And, Maine was gorgeous.



scottylover said...

So glad you had a great trip and were able to share this with your family. Wonderful memories were made, some that will last a lifetime.

Thanks for sharing the pictures. They are gorgeous!

Shasta Matova said...

It does look like quite an adventure. Such gorgeous scenes of family bonding and breathtaking scenery.

AnnieO said...

And you are four adult sized folks now in that little space! Glad it was worth the work and now a cherished memory of a lot of adventures.

beth said...

I've wanted to do something similar for SO LONG!!! But, out west! Did you rent from NC? I can't decide whether it's better to fly out and rent or rent from the east coast. Looks like a fantastic trip!!!

Havplenty said...

What a wonderful family adventure. I love the photos.

Jennifer said...

Love it, and love seeing that you brought your quilts along too! Our family had so much fun RVing our west last summer that we are heading east next summer! Let me know if you have any good recs for places to stop or RV parks!

Chuck Hoover said...

Interestingly enough, we just spent the first two weeks in Maine . . Camden, Rockport, Belfast, Acadia, Bar Harbor! Beautiful place!