Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What is my obesssion with old red barns anyway?

Why do I love them?

Hard to say for sure. I just do. They are peaceful. Beautiful. Reminiscent of a time gone by. The red in contrast to the green surroundings. Or, even the gray surroundings of winter. They usually stand alone. Apart from other structures.

I love everything about them. The way they look. The way they smell. They way you can see the dust in the air when you swing the door open. I love how some are well maintained and pristine. I love how some are nearly falling down.

Since I was in college (1990-1994 University of Missouri - Go Tigers!) I have loved old red barns. My husband is all too familiar with me spying one as we are driving and yelling, "Stop the car! I gotta look at this barn!" I've seen some real beauties with him by my side. Sometimes he even spots them before I do.

They are especially lovely with Holsteins grazing in a pasture nearby. Or those gorgeous woolly sheep with the black faces and legs. The barn pictured above is in central Pennsylvania. I'm guessing it was an old tobacco barn. I love the stone silo. Who knew even my brother would stop the car to satisfy my quirkiness??

No, I don't have an old red barn. I do have an old brown one and I love it nearly just as much.

It just made sense to name my company after my obsession.


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