Saturday, September 15, 2007

Remember these wee lads?

How much can one person go on and on about her pumpkin patch. Not even "her" pumpkin patch so much as her husband's pumpkin patch. From the moment the seeds went into the ground this crazy lady has blogged every developmental stage of practically every pumpkin in the garden. Seriously. How dull.

Oh, come on. Humor me! These are just a few of the MANY sugar pumpkins that we have harvested. Most will be roasted up and used in cooking or baking. But, a few of these littler ones will be carved. Or brought to the girls' school to decorate their classrooms.

But these big guys are still growing!

In all the years that we have had a vegetable garden this is the FIRST year that we have actually had an abundant crop of pumpkins. It may seem like a small feat to some, but to us we feel triumphant! A victory over those pesky squash vine borer bugs!

I'd like to think that this would be the last post about the pumpkins. No guarantee however. I mean think of the pumpkin excitement I can still share. Harvesting the big ones. Weighing the big ones. Putting a nice display together of our beautiful pumpkins and ornamental gourds. Carving pumpkins for Halloween. Roasting pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin bread. Pumpkin cookies. Pumpkin stew. Figuring out how to add pumpkin to my soap recipe. Oh, the possibilities are endless.

Anyone live near an Einstein Bros. Bagels shop? Oh my word! About this time every year they have pumpkin bagels and pumpkin cream cheese. These are the stuff of dreams. Absolutely. To. Die. For. Too bad I'm at least 2 hours away from the closest store.



Blue Yonder said...

Ahhhhhhhh! Don't you DARE make this the last pumpkin post! I want to hear every last bit of it, from harvest to recipes! I'm living vicariously, you see. Never been able to grow them. You are seriously inspiring me for next year though.

And I've never had that Einstein's business, but I'm going to hunt some down now. I think there's one about 20 minutes away. I do know that about this time of year the 7-11 down the street starts offering pumpkin cheesecake cappucinno. It's my regular Sunday-morning-on-the-way-to-church fall treat :-)

Sarah and Jack said...

(This is my sticking my tongue out at you b/c you two actually grew pumpkins!)

Christy said...

Your pumpkins look great! I thought about having a pumpkin patch this year, but never got around to it. I think you've convinced me to try it next year.

Please share photos of pumpkin carving and yummy pumpkin treats. I have a killer recipe for a Pumpkin Cake Roll. It is my favorite pumpkin treat!

Heidi said...

Those pumpkins are just perfect! Someday I want to try growing my own--maybe next year will be my lucky year!

And I'm definitely going to have to pop into Einstein's for a pumpkin bagel. Sounds intriguing!

Dana in KC said...

Gosh, your pumpkins look awesome. I've heard that KC has not had a good growing year for the future pie-makers and jacks. Your photos are just wonderful!

Ally said...


As an employee of Einstein Bros. Bagels I want to thank you for your positive feedback! I also truly love our pumpkin bagels and look forward to them every Autumn. This holiday season we will also be offering candy cane bagels which are a lot of fun! They go on sale November 15th if you would like to give them a try. Also, please visit our website at for a complete list of store locations. Hopefully you can find a store that's a little closer for you!

Best Regards,