Friday, January 4, 2008

Art with 127 others

It has been awhile since I have talked about my art teaching gig on Fridays at my kids' school. Today being a Friday, it might be a good time.

Well, being a Friday isn't the only reason. I'm writing about it today because it was a particularly good day. Not just a good day. A great day in fact. Why? For many reasons.

First, I wore my new and super warm lined Crocs. I know. I know! They are not the cutest shoes on the planet. And, I know some people simply would not wear then on that fact alone. I might have been one of those people. That was before I ever tired a pair on. I put my foot into these little suckers and nearly thought I found paradise. So, just the fact that I wore these shoes and my feet were surrounded by utter warmth and comfort all day is reason enough for it to be a good day.

Second, this is the first art day since coming back from Christmas break and do you know what? Those kids missed art. They were incredibly excited to find out what we were doing and some of those little devils even muttered things like, "I missed doing this stuff" or "We do the coolest things in art!"

Third, some of the middle school kids even acted interested and had equally nice things to say about art class. One kid was talking to his classmates and said how cool art was at this school because at his old school they never actually got to make art. Another kid said, and I quote, "Ms. Dana rocks!"

Fourth, the deep satisfaction I get knowing that these kids are learning something from me. That they are creating. That they are doing things that they didn't know they could do. That even the ones who insisted that they don't "do" art are enjoying it.

So I'm gloating and I'm overly proud. If that bothers you, tooooooo bad! I have worked long and hard and had many hours of questioning myself and my methods to worry about being too proud or too boastful. This is one day of many so, please, let me bask in my glory. I'm basking today because I know it will be short lived. I fear it's a here-today-gone-tomorrow kind of deal. I'm basking today whether you like it or not.

Can I get an "Amen Sister"??



Sarah and Jack said...

It is indeed an awesome day when kids want to learn, isn't it?

I think I need some of these warm crocs. I keep forgetting and leaving the house in my mary jane ones, and man, when it is snowing that is NOT a good plan. LOL

Jeff said...

only i can TRUELY say, amen sister.

so, amen sister.

Stacy said...

amen! My daughter and I have those crocs in matching black.. For what they lack in a fashion statement - they more than make up for in comfort and function!

Anonymous said...

I felt your joy and excitement as I read it - I'll have to agree, "Ms. Dana ROCKS"

Can I hear another "Amen Sister" !!
P.S. Love the pic Jeff

Linda said...

Amen Sister! It's ok to gloat, we know we are alive by our emotions! It's a good feeling to know or feel like you make a difference. Keep it up, those kids are our future. Hugs, Linda