Tuesday, January 8, 2019

New year. New quilts.

Just like that 2018 is over. I made 15 quilts, two large cross stitch projects, two small cross stitch projects and several zipper topped bags.  Clearly, 2018 was a good year for making.

In February of 2018 I pulled every bit of fabric I owned out and sorted, organized and took a long, serious look at it. I decided to spend the remainder of the year sewing strictly from fabric that I already owned. In other words, not buying anything new  . . . no matter how much I wanted to. I also used that time to sell or donate fabric and supplies that I would never use.

I stuck to it, mostly. I did buy the fabric and pattern to make my Synchronous Firefly Quilt.  But, how could I not?  And I immediately used it so it never became part of my fabric stash. I also bought 12 fat quarters of Halloween fabric that also got immediately turned into a quilt. I never shared that one here but certainly did on Instagram. I'll do my best to share it next Halloween because I absolutely love it.

Anyway, I used up a ton of fabric in 2018 and it felt really good. As the year progressed and I used more and more fabric, momentum continued to build and I'm carrying it forward into this year. I'm going to continue sewing from the stash of fabrics I already own. I spent yesterday taking stock and sorting my supplies and have 10 quilts worth of fabric ready to go before I then start working solely with scraps. By scraps, I mean the fabric that is random cuts of a fat quarter or less that I have organized by color.  If I had to guess I would say that I probably have five or six quilts worth of fabric from my "scraps." So, that probably means that a more realistic guess is eight or nine.

Twenty quilts in 2019? I doubt it. But I do plan to continue to make huge progress in using up what I already have.

One final comment in this regard, I still continue to buy vintage sheets/linens for quilt backings. They have the prettiest prints, the best colors and are always super soft. The fact that they cost nearly nothing doesn't hurt either. I don't count these purchases as "buying new fabric" even though it is new to me. The vintage sheets get used up 100% of the time and I don't have many sitting around giving me side eye.

As for other crafty goals for 2019, my plans include:

  1. Choosing at least one long term cross stitch project to work on in the evenings (or at track meets!)
  2. Selling a few quilts. After all, how many quilts can one house hold? I have never figured out the best method for this. I've sold some here. I've sold some on my Old Red Barn Co. Facebook page. I even opened an online shop for a short time and sold a few there. I'm thinking of trying Instagram this time but I'm not sure as most people that would see the posts are quilters and I can't imagine many quilters wanting to buy quilts. I don't know.  People generally love quilts but when they see the price tag, it's often more than they want to pay. I get it. But supplies and time are expensive.  I digress.
  3. Hauling out the big camera (instead of the one on my phone!) and getting back to photography. Documenting life and noticing beauty. 
Happy New Year, y'all.


P.S. The two finished quilts were my last quilts of 2018. The blocks in progress above are my first of 2019.


Ranch Wife said...

Quilting from your stash created absolutely beautiful quilts! You've inspired me!I'd like to sell a few quilts as well, but I'm not sure where to find clientele willing to pay a fair price. I have donated a lot of fabric, but have some fat quarter collections I'd like to sell and I've contemplated opening an Etsy store.

ravinsc@aol.com said...

We are program chairs for Greater Columbia Quilters and want to know if you give programs and/or workshops. Love your work! Pls send reply to qltnlinda@gmail.com. Rav is my husband

Jacque. said...

I am right there with ya, Dana. I have been using up fabrics from my stash and I have enough here to make at least a half dozen more quilts before I buy anything. Except, sometimes I need a background or sashing or backing. Then, I do buy what is needed. And, of course, as you said, there are always the scraps! I think they multiply, cuz I sure never seem to make a dent in them! Anyway. Good on you and your plans/goals for this year. Happy New Year!!!

Jennifer said...

Great year Dana, and good job sewing from stash!

Charlotte M. said...

I really want to try sewing only from stash. I get very distracted by fabric ads in my in box. I will keep trying though. You inspire me.